saturated fat

Saturated Fat: Enemy or Healer?

We’ve been told, “you are what you eat.” To a certain extent, this statement is true. One can’t expect to eat only junk food and continue to experience ideal health. Millions of Americans, whether they struggle with excess body fat or not, live by the motto: to avoid getting fat, don’t eat fatty foods–specifically, saturated […]

Juicing: The Ultimate Power-Up

Chronic disease, arthritis, migraines, digestive disorders, acne. These are just a number of ailments that plague us all. If you were to visit your doctor, you would likely receive a prescription to alleviate the symptoms. Ever wonder if there’s a better way than taking a pill that disguises the symptoms? Enter the limitless world of […]

Review:: ECOS Floor Cleaner

With all the gross (and often dangerous!) bacteria tracked in on our shoes, a floor cleaner has got to get down and dirty.  It has to effectively disinfect harmful bacteria, dissolve dirt and grease, remove stains, and leave a sparkling finish. The old-fashioned mop and bucket days may soon be behind us. Standing spray mops […]

Review:: Aunt Fannie’s Floor Cleaner

A lot of mess ends up on your floors! And it’s not just the stains you can see or the sticky spots you can feel under your socks. It’s also all the germs and dirt brought in on your shoes and slowly spread around the house by your feet as time goes on. Yuck! Here […]

Review:: Better Life Floor Cleaner

Winter brings a host of messes to sealed floors. White snow tracks turn a sour gray as they dry, salt leaves a crusty residue, and wet muddy shoes worn by little feet wander too many steps past the doormat. Where I live, we just got our first big snowstorm, so this cleaner came at the […]

Review:: Begley’s Best Glass Cleaner

Having reviewed two other glass cleaners recently, I’m beginning to feel like a pro at what to look for in a good glass cleaner. For me, I value a cleaner with naturally-derived and environmentally-friendly ingredients, potent cleaning power, and a streak-free finish. I had the privilege to review a glass cleaner by a company we […]